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This page provides information about the CoderDojo community, its growth in Japan, and the CoderDojo Japan Association. We hope this page will be helpful for English speakers.

CoderDojo Map in Japan

What is CoderDojo?

CoderDojo is a global community of free, volunteer-led, community-based computer clubs for kids and teens. Since the first dojo session took place in Cork, Ireland, in 2011, it has gradually expanded worldwide. Now, CoderDojo is present in over 100 countries, including Japan. 🗾

🗾 CoderDojo community in Japan

In the early days of CoderDojo, when it was present in fewer than 10 countries with around 100 dojos, the first Japanese dojo session took place at OpenSource Cafe in 2012.

Photo of the 1st dojo session in OpenSource Cafe

Like in other countires, the CoderDojo community in Japan has been growing steadily year after year. It is now reaching 200 active dojos (see details in the slides below).

How the CoderDojo community spreads out in Japan
📜 Slides presented at Scratch Conference Europe

CoderDojo Japan Association

As the CoderDojo community in Japan grew, the demand from companies to support the community also increased. To meet this demand, and with the approval of the CoderDojo Foundation, we founded the CoderDojo Japan Association in 2016.

Photo of License Agreement between Foundation and Japan.

Since incorporated, as one of the official national partners, we have continued to build good relationships with corporate partners. There are now 25+ partners such as The Pokémon Foundation and Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

Number of coporate partners of CoderDojo Japan
Number of coporate partners of CoderDojo Japan

With substantial support from our partners, we continue to contribute to the CoderDojo community in Japan and around the world with CoderDojo Foundation and Raspberry Pi Foundation. If you would like to visit a nearby dojo, please check the map named DojoMap below to find one. Additionally, if you represent a company interested in supporting dojos in Japan, feel free to contact us at info@coderdojo.jp with any ideas for the community. Thanks for reading! 🙏✨

DojoMap の掲載例

» Check out DojoMap


For more detailed information, please refer to the following reports, articles, and videos on the CoderDojo community in Japan.

Casual Meetup with Guests

We occasionally host guests from overseas at our co-working and shared-office space, CASE Shinjuku, in Tokyo. You can look back on our past meetups on YouTube.

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