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📻 [EN] The 1st CoderDojo and the Global Vision

収録日: 2019/05/18

Photo of Bill's Talk

Guest: Bill Liao, co-founder of CoderDojo. He shares the story behind the 1st CoderDojo, why he started it with James Whelton (the other co-founder), and what inspired the rule “Be Cool!”.

Photo Credit: @mjk_0513

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CoderDojo Japan
CoderDojo Japan Association
One of official regional bodies of CoderDojo in Japan (a.k.a. CDJ). CDJ helps starting a dojo, sharing experiences and knowledges between dojos, and collaborating between companies and dojos.
Kanro - A cafe for Tea and Sweets
Kanro - A cafe for Tea and Sweets
Kanro is a cafe for Tea and Sweets located in Shinjuku area. They help holding an event like this. ;)
YassLab Inc.
YassLab Inc.
YassLab runs business on Ruby/Rails and supports open-source communities. This company supported money for the venue, recorded/edited the videos, and continuously helps developing coderdojo-japan/ (GitHub) website since 2012.

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