☯️ CoderDojo Foundation charter for CoderDojo


All Dojos are required to agree with the below CoderDojo Charter. This Charter encompasses the basic ethos and core aspects of the CoderDojo movement, which all Dojos are founded on. The introduction of the Charter was announced by co-founder James Whelton to the CoderDojo Organisers Group on the 3rd of December 2013.


For the purposes of this Charter, "CoderDojo" shall mean the open source, volunteer led movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs. "Dojos" shall mean the not-for profit coding clubs established to support communities and spread the philosophy of CoderDojo.

All Dojos are independent, autonomous, community groups set up to inspire young people to learn code. All Dojos have different styles of operating but they all hold the same ethos.

CoderDojo Foundation (CDF) commitments to you:


Disclaimer of Liability

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