✅ CoderDojo Brand Guidelines


Latest version can be found at CoderDojo Style Guide.

Using CoderDojo in text:

Our preferred logo is with the text to the right hand side of the logo however we know that sometimes a long low logo does not fit, in this case you can use the alternative.
Text Beside/Below Logo

Text in Black:

CoderDojo text is used in black when on a light background or image.
Text in Black

Text in White:

CoderDojo text is used in white when on a dark background or image.
Text in White

Ways the logo should not be used:

Logos not good examples

Using the logo for your Dojo:

While we would love you to use the original CoderDojo logo as part of you Dojos logo it is not a requirement and we have no rules or guidelines regarding the use of the original logo by individual Dojo’s, go wild and submit your logo to be included here.

Here are some examples of cool logo from around the community:

Logo Examples 1/3
Logo Examples 2/3
Logo Examples 3/3

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